EO Denmark丹麥

EO Element Optimal is a dynamic business with a philosophy of creating and manufacturing great designs in line with the strong traditions of Danish craftsmanship, while facilitating innovative co-operation of talented individuals from around the world.

We create original pieces of superior quality. Every creation is made with outmost integrity and an uncompromising eye for perfection. Our designs are made with a deep passion for esthetic greatness and are original, simple, functional and timeless.  

EO Element Optimal´s mission is to built upon the heritage of Scandinavian design and help bring it into new directions, shaping it for today and tomorrow.




TEL  02-2773-2121    FAX  02-8773-5151

週一至六  AM 10:00 - PM 7:00

週日  預約制,請來電預約




TEL  02-8791-6877

週二至日  AM 10:30 - PM 7:30